Unit 4,1 Whitford-Wharf Road, Whitford,Auckland

The Dental Hygienist

Our full time Dental Hygienist Shelley Chadwick works alongside the dentists as an integral part of our clients overall treatment plan to provide the best long-term oral health outcomes.

Through patient evaluation, education and clinical service she seeks to prevent oral diseases, provide treatment for existing disease and assist people in maintaining optimal levels of oral health.

This is done by:

  • Evaluation and assessment of gums, supporting structures and the teeth
  • review of medical histories and x-rays
  • performing oral screening for abnormalities and referral if necessary
  • guiding patients with home-care regimes and dietary advice
  • scaling and polishing of teeth including stain removal
  • advise on and administering of tooth whitening procedures
  • application and advice on preventative agents such as fluoride, calcium pastes and fissure sealants
  • assistance and support with smoking cessation


*Periodontal disease (or advanced gum disease) is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults over the age of 25. It is a bacterial disease affecting the tissues and supporting structures around the teeth. If not treated early it can destroy the fibres and bone that holds the teeth in place. Usually the disease progresses quietly and without causing a lot of pain, which is why it is so important to have regular appointments with a Dental Hygienist.

Bacterial infections in the mouth can also contribute to more serious infections and problems systemically such as heart disease.

**With correct home care techniques and regular visits with Shelley you can gain and maintain a healthy beautiful smile for life.